NJ Stop-Loss Bill Passed in Both Houses

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What is Stop Loss Insurance?

Stop-loss insurance (also known as excess insurance) is a product that provides protection against catastrophic or unpredictable losses. It is purchased by employers who have decided to self-fund their employee benefit plans, but do not want to assume 100% of the liability for losses arising from the plans. Under a stop-loss policy, the insurance company becomes liable for losses that exceed certain limits called deductibles. There are two types of self-funded insurance:

  • Specific Stop-Loss is the form of excess risk coverage that provides protection for the employer against a high claim on any one individual. This is protection against abnormal severity of a single claim rather than abnormal frequency of claims in total. Specific stop-loss is also known as individual stop-loss.
  • Aggregate Stop-Loss provides a ceiling on the dollar amount of eligible expenses that an employer would pay, in total, during a contract period. The carrier reimburses the employer after the end of the contract period for aggregate claims.

A number of variations are available for each of these two products.

Generally, all but the largest employers will want to protect their plan with both specific and aggregate stop-loss coverage. Occasionally, circumstances may be such that specific stop-loss by itself will fulfill the employer’s need for protection.

New Jersey’s somewhat contentious stop-loss bill (A5095/S3270) passed in both the Senate and Assembly on January 13, 2020. The bill originally called for the complete prohibition of stop-loss policies in the New Jersey small group market. Passed by the legislature with amendments, stop-loss policies can still be sold to small employers. The stop-loss rating must be compliant with the NJ SEH Benefits Program and policies are subject to guaranteed renewal. Additionally, the following conditions will exist:

  • A specific attachment point of no less than $40,000
  • An aggregate attachment point of at least 140% of the expected claims per plan year

These provisions would apply to all stop-loss policies sold or in-force with small employers in New Jersey on or after April 1, 2020. The full bill can be found here

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