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Health is the basic right of every human being. Everything must be done to ensure that everyone, irrespective of their standing or economic status, can avail of it.

However, with the increasing costs of medical care it has become necessary for Employers to deal with problems that seem to have a zero-sum equation.

 Although we would like to think that nothing is ever going to happen to us, the truth is, we are just as likely as the next person to be involved in a vehicle accident or have some health problem that might need medical intervention. And when this happens each of us is going to need insurance.

Everybody needs insurance to ensure that they don’t end up spending their hard earned money on treatment of illness which can take a toll on their savings.

A medical insurance policy is an agreement between an insurance company and an individual which is renewable annually.

Insurance protects you against an unfortunate incident, such as a car accident, or a major illness which might require you to be hospitalized for several months and in some cases require you to be operated on. Both the cost of surgery and hospitalization are can be significant expenses can be significant expenses.

There are many private coverage that offer a range of advantages:

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