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We Take the Pain Out of Insurance

Getting or changing insurance can be a daunting process for both individuals and businesses. Handled effectively, redesigning a plan can improve both the company's bottom line and employee relations.

DGS Benefits is the company that can assist you or your businesses in assessing your insurance needs and creating an insurance plan that will meet those needs.

About Us

DGS Benefits, Inc. was founded to help consumers make informed choices about insurance products and services. We can help with all your business and individual insurance needs.


In addition to traditional services like health, life, and disability insurance, DGS Benefits offers specialized services to accommodate the needs of clients on a case-by-case basis. Things like claiming money that your insurance provider owes you, or reducing your bills are among the many things that can be done to ensure a client feels taken care of.

Thomas Murphy, President of DGS Benefits forms a personal relationship with clients so they never feel disregarded or ignored. He takes clients of all economic classes and he’ll work with you to arrange a payment system that is personalized based on a client’s financial situation. If you need life, medical, or disability insurance-related help and live in the North Jersey area, there really is no better choice of an advocate for your needs than Thomas Murphy. Continue ..

Thomas Murphy, President

Tom Murphy chose the insurance field to help realize his passion for helping people. This led him to start DGS Benefits in 1989 and to become an advocate for people with insurance issues. As time went on, Tom expanded DGS Benefits services to include representing people with social security claims and other issues having to do with Medicaid and Medicare.

Now, over 20 years later, Tom has helped hundreds of individuals and companies.

Thank you for considering DGS Benefits for all your business and individual insurance needs.

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